Shuffle Vs. Jump

As you know, I am fascinated by the dance styles of the world (how would you possibly know this). Tecktonik kinda blew my mind a little bit so I thought I was prepared to witness the Melbourne Shuffle and Jumpstyle. I was not.

Now this clip is from 2008 so I have no idea if the kiddies are still doing these two styles in the raves of 2010. Of the two, I think the Shuffle is more fun than Jumpstyle. Jumpstyle looks like the kicking exercises I used to make my kids go through when I was teaching martial arts. The Shuffle kinda looks like angry robots stomping on a swarm of cockroaches which is immensely amusing without the added possible danger of kicking someone in the teeth as presented in Jumpstyle.

Maybe I’m just not hanging out in enough anime con raves.