Cee Lo Green Creates the Best Breakup Song Ever

Yes, I realize that I’m the last site in the universe to post this. Hell, NPR did a story on this song before I got around to posting it. But whatever. Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You” is the best breakup song ever, and here are six magical reasons why:

  1. No Apologies
    Breakup songs usually include lots of “I’m sorries” or “it’s my faults” and other emo bullshit like that. Not here. Though there is that one stanzas where he whines that he still loves her, the majority of the song is unapologetic. It’s not my fucking fault! You’re just a gold digger!
  2. Expressed Rage
    Besides the title, Cee Lo expresses anger at the woman in question, “Ooh, I really hate your ass right now.” That sentiment usually gets buried during a breakup, but sometimes you need to just let it out.
  3. Upbeat
    There is a mile long list of breakup songs that are really down and depressing and completely devoid of anything resembling happiness. Guess what. Sometimes you need to breakup. I certainly did. And now we have an awesome song to celebrate a proper breakup. I would have blasted this jam 24/7 after my divorce.
  4. No Autotune
    Okay, so autotune isn’t really a mainstay of the breakup song genre, but it has definitely cut a swath of ear pain across pop music of the 2010s. Thankfully, we’ve got some real vocals and real instruments in the mix.
  5. Clever Use of a Racial Invective
    If the N word is to be used, let it be in a clever, thoughtful manner, not as a punctuation to each stanza. Cee Lo’s background singers kind of sneak it in there so stealthily that I almost missed it the first time they sing, “(Oh shit, she’s a gold digga) Well! (Just thought you should know, nigga).”
  6. Classy Music Video
    According to the notes on the YouTube page, a “full video” is coming soon. I prefer this version. It’s rare that an artist will let the music speak for itself. Music videos have become overblown circus acts that sometimes have little to do with the lyrical content and very rarely enhance the listening experience. By just throwing the lyrics up there, “Fuck You” is allowed to shine as the perfect breakup song it truly is.

Thank you, Cee Lo Green, for giving us the perfect breakup song that we’ve always wanted.