Kamen Rider Hobo and the Taco Bar

It seems that Toei is going after Kamen Rider on the YouTubes so this clip of Kamen Rider OOO’s, who will now and forever be referred to as Kamen Rider Hobo (more on that below), first henshin may be taken down at any moment. I wish someone would license Kamen Rider and translate the shit so I can buy legit copies of the show. And to be sure, I would totally buy many legit box sets of Faiz, Kabuto, Decade, Double, and probably more. Unfortunately, I know us Rider fans are a very small demographic in this country. But it would make it a lot easier to watch the damn show.

Anyway, as with any new Rider show, it’s difficult to judge on the very first episode. Our hero is Eiji Hino who has naught but the shirt on his back, a total hobo. He has no family, no ambitions, no nothing. So of course, he’s thrust into combat against the Greeed, animal kaijin who are nourished by human desire. It seems to me that the Greeed are kind of shortsighted showing up in Tokyo. After all, the hot bed of human desire is clearly Wallstreet. They’d live forever feeding off of the desire of all those high powered banking execs. The message is clear, this season’s Kamen Rider series is really about overcoming greed and desire to live a more harmonious existence with the world. Our hero is a hobo fighting against greed. You can’t hit anyone over the head with a message much stronger than that.

I can’t take the belt seriously. Hobo has three sections, head, chest, and legs that can change into different forms depending on the coin that Eiji slams into the belt. The default is TOKE TORA BATTA which is a bird head, tiger chest, and hopper legs. The belt yells out “TA TO BA TATOBA TA TO BA” which totally sounds like “TA CO BAR TACO BAR TA CO BAR!” It’s nice that the belt is looking out for Eiji in its desire for a taco bar since our hero has no means of income. But I couldn’t stop laughing. And now I’m sad because there’s no such thing as a taco bar!

I also don’t like the theme song that much, but it took a while before I got into Double’s theme which I totally freaking love now so it might just take a few episodes. It’s going to be a comedy series, that’s clear, so I’m a little iffy on it so far. But I don’t hate it as much as I hated Den-O’s first few episodes so that’s something. I’ll give it the good ol’ Mike Dent five episode test before a final decision.