Julie Taymor’s Green Goblin is the Stuff of Nightmares

You may have ignored the news of Julie Taymor’s Spider-Man musical with music by U2 because such things are difficult for the sane mind to comprehend. I know I’ve tried my best to wipe my brain meats of such a notion. But it’s a real thing and it’s opening soon and I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it ever because I live in a world where the George Clooney Batman doesn’t exist, but then I saw this:

Julie Taymore's Green Goblin

This is the Green Goblin design for the musical and now that you’ve seen it it will forever be burned into your brain meats! It is horrifying and scary and I imagine when it’s lit properly on stage with a real person moving inside it, it will probably terrify you forever. Unless it sings a silly song. Then it will terrify you in other horrible ways.

It’s clear that us comic geeks are not the target audience for this work so I’m not terribly shocked that musical Green Goblin looks nothing like comic or even movie Green Goblin. I’m probably never going to see the show so this version of Gobby will probably remain theoretical and amorphous in my mind unless someone posts an actual video of it from the show. Green Goblin is supposed to be terrifying and scary and I think this version would scare the shit out of me in a dark alley. So it’s got that.

So if any of you are brave enough to see this thing, please write in and let us know if Gobby is indeed as terrifying as he appears or if he does some silly song and dance that makes him creepy in a kid touchy pedo kind of way.

Source: Bleeding Cool