The O, None More Yellow

Angry Zen Minion Elliot Fox returns with more pictures of his Master Grade 1/100 PMX-003 THE-O build. This time, he paints!

Elliots weapons of choice! Nice selection of Tamiya mini cans.

The yellow plastic that’s used for the armor is quite a bit muted in color than the show. Here, you can see the difference between the painted and unpainted plastic. I like the brighter Tamiya yellow.

And now they’re all painted!

Remember, kiddies, always use cardboard or newsprint or something to make sure none of your overspray gets on the concrete.

Ah, a gorgeous yellow glow.

Time to spray the internal parts.

I really love that gun metal finish.

Looking good so far. I think the brighter yellow really makes the armor pieces pop. Can’t wait to see them panel lined and assembled. More as they come!

UPDATE: I asked Elliot why he paints the parts on the runners before snipping them out for assembly.

I spray first to get as much coverage on everything rather than taking the time to individually paint everything. This helps in getting an even coating and colour. It took a number of coats for the yellow because the yellow paint I got wasn’t as pale as the yellow plastic of model. This The O will actually be a bit brighter than intended, but that’s half the fun and makes mine a little more unique. What I should be doing about the rail cutting marks is a bit of sanding and re-painting before assembly, but for the most part, Bandai does an awesome job that like 75-80% of them are hidden with assembly.

Makes sense to me. Now get back to assembly 😉