Asura’s Wrath is WTF

My brother sent along this trailer for Asura’s Wrath, a game coming soon to XBOX 360 and PS3.



So apparently, you play a living pin cushion with some serious gastrointestinal problems. Seriously, it sounds like he’s trying to expel a massive shit from his body. It also appears that he’s goddamn invincible seeing as how even Buddha Erupting Burning Finger can’t even kill him. Holy crap on a Easy Bake Oven, this fucking thing looks hysterically epic.

The one thing that slightly concerns me is that it appears there are quicktime events throughout this trailer. Does that mean we’ll access these epic cinematic fights through quicktime events instead of actually playing them? Hmm… as epic as they are, I’d rather play through them than watch the computer do it for me. Still, I can’t wait to see actual game play footage.