GAINAX’s Next Anime Appears to be the Result of Crack Smoking While Watching Power Puff Girls

I’m not exactly sure just what the fuck I am looking at here. The GAINAX crew must have been hitting some very strong narcotics to come up with “Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt.” It appears to be a drug inspired mash-up of an exploitation film with a heavy dose of Power Puff girls wrapped up in a fucked-up jPop bow.

If you are going to do a parody of American animation, GAINAX is the perfect studio to do it. This is probably what Power Puff Girls would have looked like if the FCC was looking the other way and all the Cartoon Network staff were highly medicated. This looks like it’s way over the top with tongue firmly in cheek. It’ll be something to look out for on those late nights when you just can’t get to sleep and want to have your brain meats fucked full in the face with some batshit crazy animation.