5 Versions of Voltron That Don’t Look Like Ripped-Off Transformer Movie Designs

Movie Voltron

It should come as no great shock to anyone reading AZM that I am less than impressed with the concept art for the upcoming live-action Voltron movie that was posted over at Joblo. I’m no purist when it comes to robot designs. I think Go Lion could use a bit of a face lift when he premiers on a live-action screen. But I am so over the Transformer Movie inspired robots that are covered in panels and spikes and random gribble that detracts from a strong silhouette. They look over-designed, busy, and unreadable. You can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys cause they’re all full of moving spikey tinker toy bullshit. That’s what this concept art says to me. So I went out and tracked down some Voltron designs that I am pleased with.

Voltron by *JPRart on deviantART

Here’s Jeremy Pratt’s 3D rendering of the classic design. The rendering shows off just how iconic the original design can be. It cuts a memorable silhouette that speaks volumes when compared with that tinker toy shit.

Robert Burden Voltron Painting

Robert Burden’s Voltron oil painting is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are just so vibrant. This painting really shows off how iconic the original design is. Check out the video of him painting the giant thing.

Cheeks Voltron

Sean “Cheeks” Galloway’s interpretation is probably too cartoony to work in a live-action situation, but the redesign is elegant and readable. I love the hands coming out of the lion’s mouth.

Voltron Qee

Rotobox’s 8 inch Go Lion Qee is also probably too cute for a live-action situation, but it’s still freaking awesome.

Voltron Girl

Of course, who can forget Voltron Girl!

So there you go, 5 Voltrons that I like a bajillion times better than the live-action concept art. Sure, some of them won’t really work for a movie, but I think there’s more they can do with the design. If the released art is the direction they’re taking Go Lion, I’m not interested. They need to clean that shit up. How about hiring actual mech designers to come up with a live-action interpretation? I mean, you got the money for some nice concept art. Why not toss a few bucks to Hajime Katoki! I’m sure he could design a Go Lion that would work well in a live-action movie.