September 2010

Linkin Park Gets Their Own Custom RX-78GP01-fb

Linkin Park GP01-fb

It’s extremely rare to hear of any Western involvement with the Gundam franchise which should probably come as no big surprise. After all, the only American to ever design an official Gundam, futurist Syd Mead, was responsible for Mustache Gundam which has been generally panned as a horrible design (I hear good things about the show, but I haven’t had a chance to track it down). So I greeted the news of Linkin Park and Gundam sent over by AZM Ally deepfreeze with some trepidation.

Linkin Park is providing the theme song to the Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. game entitled “Catalyst” seen here:

A little disappointed that there’s no actual Gundam in the theme song video. But that’s not all. “Catalyst” will appear on Linkin Park’s next album entitle “A Thousand Suns” which will drop November 24th. Bundled with the full album will be a custom HGUC 1/144 RX-78GP01-fb kit designed by the band shown above.

Frankly, I’m really disappointed with the custom paint job. Here you have the opportunity to design your very own official Bandai HGUC 1/144 kit and all you can come up with is a gray scale color scheme and a shitty shield sticker? I mean, this is the coolest damn event to ever happen to Western Gundam fandom and you turn out this shit?! Totally underwhelmed.

I was also a little confused with the choice of the GP01-fb, but then I remembered seeing the kit standing on the shelf in this video:

I’m disappointed because I so meh over all this. I mean, this is the first time an American band (American anything for that matter) is involved in Gundam. This should be pants crunching awesomeness! Instead, it all very soft pants. And no one wants soft pants, especially when talking about Gundam.

Source: Ngee Khiong

5 Versions of Voltron That Don’t Look Like Ripped-Off Transformer Movie Designs

Movie Voltron

It should come as no great shock to anyone reading AZM that I am less than impressed with the concept art for the upcoming live-action Voltron movie that was posted over at Joblo. I’m no purist when it comes to robot designs. I think Go Lion could use a bit of a face lift when he premiers on a live-action screen. But I am so over the Transformer Movie inspired robots that are covered in panels and spikes and random gribble that detracts from a strong silhouette. They look over-designed, busy, and unreadable. You can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys cause they’re all full of moving spikey tinker toy bullshit. That’s what this concept art says to me. So I went out and tracked down some Voltron designs that I am pleased with.

Voltron by *JPRart on deviantART

Here’s Jeremy Pratt’s 3D rendering of the classic design. The rendering shows off just how iconic the original design can be. It cuts a memorable silhouette that speaks volumes when compared with that tinker toy shit.

Robert Burden Voltron Painting

Robert Burden’s Voltron oil painting is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are just so vibrant. This painting really shows off how iconic the original design is. Check out the video of him painting the giant thing.

Cheeks Voltron

Sean “Cheeks” Galloway’s interpretation is probably too cartoony to work in a live-action situation, but the redesign is elegant and readable. I love the hands coming out of the lion’s mouth.

Voltron Qee

Rotobox’s 8 inch Go Lion Qee is also probably too cute for a live-action situation, but it’s still freaking awesome.

Voltron Girl

Of course, who can forget Voltron Girl!

So there you go, 5 Voltrons that I like a bajillion times better than the live-action concept art. Sure, some of them won’t really work for a movie, but I think there’s more they can do with the design. If the released art is the direction they’re taking Go Lion, I’m not interested. They need to clean that shit up. How about hiring actual mech designers to come up with a live-action interpretation? I mean, you got the money for some nice concept art. Why not toss a few bucks to Hajime Katoki! I’m sure he could design a Go Lion that would work well in a live-action movie.

GAINAX’s Next Anime Appears to be the Result of Crack Smoking While Watching Power Puff Girls

I’m not exactly sure just what the fuck I am looking at here. The GAINAX crew must have been hitting some very strong narcotics to come up with “Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt.” It appears to be a drug inspired mash-up of an exploitation film with a heavy dose of Power Puff girls wrapped up in a fucked-up jPop bow.

If you are going to do a parody of American animation, GAINAX is the perfect studio to do it. This is probably what Power Puff Girls would have looked like if the FCC was looking the other way and all the Cartoon Network staff were highly medicated. This looks like it’s way over the top with tongue firmly in cheek. It’ll be something to look out for on those late nights when you just can’t get to sleep and want to have your brain meats fucked full in the face with some batshit crazy animation.

Asura’s Wrath is WTF

My brother sent along this trailer for Asura’s Wrath, a game coming soon to XBOX 360 and PS3.



So apparently, you play a living pin cushion with some serious gastrointestinal problems. Seriously, it sounds like he’s trying to expel a massive shit from his body. It also appears that he’s goddamn invincible seeing as how even Buddha Erupting Burning Finger can’t even kill him. Holy crap on a Easy Bake Oven, this fucking thing looks hysterically epic.

The one thing that slightly concerns me is that it appears there are quicktime events throughout this trailer. Does that mean we’ll access these epic cinematic fights through quicktime events instead of actually playing them? Hmm… as epic as they are, I’d rather play through them than watch the computer do it for me. Still, I can’t wait to see actual game play footage.

Skullkickers, Selling Out and Taking Names

We got some awesome news about Skullkickers and further proof that my quotes are the bestest! From Jim Zubkavich, writer of Skullkickers:

Hey Jamie,

I love that quote. 🙂

Inbetween final order cut-off and pre-release, additional late retailer orders are pouring in for Skullkickers #1 based on the momentum building and they’ve exceeded the first printing, even with Image’s initial overprint buffer. We’re going to a 2nd printing even before the first print hits store shelves next week!

Snap up those 1st print #1’s where you can on Sept 22nd.

Thank you everyone for your support on Skullkickers!

Press Release:

Congrats, Jim! The preview comic is a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see issue 1 in stores. Now go kick some skulls!!

Character Designer for Mobile Suit Gundam Sketches Char

Yoshikazu Yasuhiko was the original character designer for Mobile Suit Gundam. In 2002, he was commissioned to produce the definitive One Year War manga, Gundam The Origin. Watching how effortlessly he sketches Char is damn inspiring.

The O, None More Yellow

Angry Zen Minion Elliot Fox returns with more pictures of his Master Grade 1/100 PMX-003 THE-O build. This time, he paints!

Elliots weapons of choice! Nice selection of Tamiya mini cans.

The yellow plastic that’s used for the armor is quite a bit muted in color than the show. Here, you can see the difference between the painted and unpainted plastic. I like the brighter Tamiya yellow.

And now they’re all painted!

Remember, kiddies, always use cardboard or newsprint or something to make sure none of your overspray gets on the concrete.

Ah, a gorgeous yellow glow.

Time to spray the internal parts.

I really love that gun metal finish.

Looking good so far. I think the brighter yellow really makes the armor pieces pop. Can’t wait to see them panel lined and assembled. More as they come!

UPDATE: I asked Elliot why he paints the parts on the runners before snipping them out for assembly.

I spray first to get as much coverage on everything rather than taking the time to individually paint everything. This helps in getting an even coating and colour. It took a number of coats for the yellow because the yellow paint I got wasn’t as pale as the yellow plastic of model. This The O will actually be a bit brighter than intended, but that’s half the fun and makes mine a little more unique. What I should be doing about the rail cutting marks is a bit of sanding and re-painting before assembly, but for the most part, Bandai does an awesome job that like 75-80% of them are hidden with assembly.

Makes sense to me. Now get back to assembly 😉

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