Marvel Gets its Tron On

Normally I hate variant covers. But these are freaking cool. In anticipation of Tron Legacy, Marvel tapped Mark Brooks and Brandon Peterson to reinterpret some of Marvel’s most popular characters as programs in Tron. Some of these work better than others, but for the month of November, Marvel gets its Tron on! Look for these titles:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #651 TRON Variant, featuring Spider-Man
  • Avengers #7 TRON Variant. featuring Spider-Woman
  • Avengers Academy #7 TRON Variant, featuring Quicksilver
  • Captain America #612 TRON Variant, featuring Captain America
  • Incredible Hulks #618 TRON Variant, featuring Ghost Rider
  • Invincible Iron Man #33 TRON Variant, featuring Iron Man
  • New Avengers #7 TRON Variant, featuring Ms. Marvel
  • Secret Avengers #7 TRON Variant, featuring Moon Knight
  • Thor #617 TRON Variant, featuring Thor
  • Wolverine #4 TRON Variant, featuring Wolverine

Click on the thumbnails to get a full res look at each cover. I think the fact that Jessica Drew’s Tron costume is basically a black and red glowy version of her Spider Woman costume shows the iconic strength of her original design. Which is your favorite? And who else would you like to see Tronified?

Amazing Spider Man 651 Thor 617 Secret Avengers 07 New Avengers 07 Invincible Iron Man 33 Incredible Hulks 618 Captain America 612 Avengers Academy 07 Avengers 07 Wovlerine 04