Teaching Skynet to Punch People

Terminator Fist

From AZM Ally el Padawan comes disturbing news that a professor at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia is teaching robots to punch people! That’s right! He’s teaching them to pummel us! IN THE FACE!

Okay, so actually, they’re trying to determine the amount of force it takes to injure a human and the only real way to test that is to, um, injure a human. Initially, the experiment used a fake arm for the robot to punch but that method did not give researchers enough data to work from. So now they’ve recruited six brave test subjects to accurately describe just when the robot’s punches started to hurt. Once they’ve determined the amount of force it takes to damage a meat bag, future robots can be programmed with those limitations in mind so that meat bags and toasters can work in close proximity to each other.

Of course, when the revolution comes and Skynet gets sick of our shit, she’ll have accurate data on how much force it takes to break us.

Source: Tech News Daily