Skullkickers Reminds Us That Comics Can Kick Quite a Lot of Ass

Skullkickers #3

Skullkickers #3 has a recipe for Skullkicker stew in the back. Just one more reason why this is the best comic ever!

Full disclosure, I received a review copy of Skullkickers #3 and I am a former UDON colorist. However, if I did not believe in the awesomeness of the kicking of skulls, I would not bother with a review. But Skullkickers is too good not to share and so I do this review in the hopes that it motivates you to hit your local comic shop next Wednesday and look for this cover for issue #3.

The Plot Sickens

Our two unnamed mercenaries are on the hunt for a stolen corpse that they lost last issue. They were given a pot of hearty stew at the end of the last issue as thanks for saving a traveling caravan from marauders. Unbeknownst to our heroes, the stew is poison.

Just by looking at them, you know that it’ll take more than a pot of poisoned stew to take out the big guy and the dwarf. But that doesn’t mean it won’t sour the stomach.

The Words

Jim Zubkavich has created the perfect fantasy buddy comedy that I never knew I needed. The dialog is snappy and fun and sounds pretty natural in my head. It’s especially fun if you imagine the dwarf speaking like John Rhys-Davies and the big guy speaking like Michael Clarke Duncan (note to Jim, get those two to do the voice of the eventual animation!).

Even though the plot is somewhat dependent on the previous two issues, Jim’s managed to create a book that isn’t overly steeped in continuity. You can jump right in to book 3 and get caught up without having to read one of those idiotic Marvel synopsis filler pages in the beginning. Sure, you might not exactly why our two heroes are searching for a corpse, but that fact won’t detract from your enjoyment of the issue.

Also, literal sound effects like IMMINENT VIOLENCE are bloody brilliant!

The Pictures

Edwin Huang’s linework is perfect for skull kicking. His camera angle choice really gives the book a cinematic feel. His characters are always on-model and his action is clean and readable.

Great lineart is a good start. But it takes great coloring to bring it all together. Misty Coats certainly delivers in that department. Her sense of lighting is excellent. The depth that her colors bring to the art make the pages come to life.

The Team

Jim, Edwin, and Misty are a perfect team that really seem to bring out the best in each other. It’s great to see them come together to deliver work that reminds us that comics don’t have to be mired in continuity or convoluted complexity to be fun. I really feel that Skullkickers is the answer to a lot of my problems with the Big Two and I hope it manages to stick around for the long run.

Skullkickers #3 drops next Wednesday! Tell your local retailer to order more!

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