Skynet Drives Itself Up Pikes Peak

AZM Ally Wayne W warns that Audi has developed an autonomous sports car. Developed with assistance from Standford University’s Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab, the goal isn’t necessarily to replace a meat and bones driver. Standford professor Chris Gerdes had this to say:

We are not trying to replace the driver. Instead we want to learn how the best drivers control the car so we can develop systems that assist our robotic driver and, eventually, you and me.

Here’s some video of these guys talking about the robocar.

And here’s actual footage of the test drive.

Holy shit beans! I don’t think I could drive that well up that course.

Honestly, after seeing that demonstration half of me just wants Skynet to drive me around town so I can do other things in the car. It would make commuting to work so much more bearable. Instead of cursing at my fellow drivers for being insane, I could be writing and drawing comics. And road trips would be so much more fun without having to worry about driving. Of course, this also means submitting to the will of Skynet which is a troublesome notion.

Source: Wired

  • greg

    I really want to know more about how these work. Google’s robot cars are described as having pre-programmed courses in the system. Do they have camera feeds reading road lines? Are they capable of responding to a speeding car approaching from behind by changing lanes? How far away from the vehicle are they detecting things?

    I think Google’s project involved Stanford as well.

  • Wayne Zombie

    The interesting thing about this is that there are portions of the Pike’s Peak drive that are not striped, they’re dirt, so cameras reading lines wouldn’t be too effective.

  • FmF

    Depends on how it program.A more low end one could just read lines but i seen some that react to other drivers,pedestrians and road blocks on an obstacle course.These models use a camera to identify object in the environment.The model i seen over took a truck then came to a full stop for a pedestrian so I’m thinking the size or shape dictate the action of the car.I do not believe they can work out road signs or stop lights yet though.A network could fix that though.

    Given this version just have gps it probably just have some one drive the course first so it’ll learn the track.Then they make the car play the track back at a different speed.Letting the computer crunch the numbers on how to handle the stern at those speeds.

  • fiftywan

    meh. I’ll teleport myself to work anyways, eventually. :)