You Can Pilot the Sinanju in Gundam Musou 3!

Gundam Musou, Sinanju

Angry Zen Minion W. C. Tucker sent me a link on Monday alerting me to a live press conference that Koei was broadcasting that night on Ustream demonstrating Gundam Musou 3. Fortunately, they recorded the broadcast so you can check it here. I will warn you, though, as much of a Gundam freak as I am, even I had to turn the shit off after 45 minutes. This is where my lack of language skills hinders my fandom because I suspect I would have messed myself the entire time if I knew what the fuck they were saying. They did show off some gameplay clips and cinematics throughout, but I had to take a break. And anyway, you can find a lot of the video clips at the offical Gundam Musou site.

The biggest thing for me was discovering that you can pilot the Sinanju as Full Frontal! Well, once you unlock the shit you can use anyone to pilot it which means you could actually play as Char in the Sinanju which is three times the awesome! I would probably lose every mission because I would just fly around watching it move in its 3D glory smashing things without actually paying attention to the mission alerts. I’m so freaking excited for this game!!!