Sexy Pron–er– I Mean Tron

A word of caution, clicking play on this video will reveal nipplage and assage. They are painted nips and ass, but probably NSFW.

In antici……………pation of Tron: Legacy which opens tonight at midnight, Playboy put together a Tron inspired photo shoot. I’m surprised they managed to get their hands on what looks like a fairly movie accurate light cycle, but it really brings the whole shoot together.

I doubt we’ll see any body painted beauties in the actual film, but it totally makes sense for sexy programs to have their circuits basically painted on. There’s more to this virtual world than Disney will probably ever explore so we’ll just have to wait for the porn parodies to, ahem, flesh it out a little bit. Of course, they’d probably ruin the effect by taking off the body paint for the sex scenes which kind of defeats the purpose.

Anyway, Tron opens at midnight. I’m checking it out tomorrow night so no spoilers those of you hitting it up tonight!

Source: Playboy