Either The Aliens Killed Off All the Minorities, or “Falling Skies” Takes Place in the Midwest

“Falling Skies” looks like a cross between a “V” remake with a District 9 look. And I suppose, as a big sci-fi geek, this kind of thing should be right up my alley. But as I watched this trailer, I couldn’t help but notice a decided lack of minorities. This either means that the aliens decided to kill off all the non-white people on the planet in their first wave of attack or that this series takes place in somewhere in the midwest where there are fewer of us non-white people.

Either way, I’m really disappointed. If it’s the former, it’s sad to think that the aliens are not only specist but racist as well. Stupid racist aliens.

If it’s the latter, it still sucks because quite frankly I’m tired of seeing White people run away from aliens. We get it, aliens hate White people. Why are they always the victims of alien attacks? Doesn’t seem fair to me.

I will not be watching “Falling Skies” when it debuts in June partly to protest the lack of minorities running from aliens, partly to protest the victimization of White people. Sorry TNT, but either way I look at it your premise just doesn’t hold up.