Thundercats Are On the Move. Again.

New Thundercats

Angry Zen Minion John Smith and AZM Ally Kensei Dave sent along word that Thundercats will be on the move once again thanks to WBA and Studio4°C.

I quite like the redesigns. Cheetara is actually wearing something that looks battle-ready. In fact, I like all the new outfits. They all have a nice, practical armor look. I also love anything that Studio4°C does. Their work is always top notch.

Having said all that, I’m kind of meh on this whole thing. I think it would be fun as a movie or maybe a mini series, but an entire new series? Meh. I mean, I’m sure it’s going to be awesome because, well, Studio4°C knows their shit. I just wish it was a completely new IP like Lightning Pigeons or Tsunami Pandas or Drizzle Foxes. Actually, Tsunami Pandas sounds kinda awesome. I might use that for something.

Source: Nick and More