February 2011

Enter the Asuka!

I’ve got a huge backlog of things to slog through so if you sent me something over the past few days and I haven’t gotten to it yet, I apologize profusely.

Angry Zen Minion John Smith sent along this awesome clip from EVANGELION 2.22 which premiered this past weekend at Katsucon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make any of the showings. Well, its kind of a mixed bag. I was making money in the Artist Alley which is totally awesome. But I didn’t get to watch the shiny new EVA which is totally sad. I kinda wish they set up screenings for later in the evening for those of us who were working the show, but that’s not really a reasonable expectation.

Anyway, this new introduction of Asuka is kind of badass. And by kind of I mean FUCKING HOLY SHIT! I’ve been fairly skeptical about these new EVA movies because it feels like Gainax is milking a dead cow that’s been buried in a dung heap for years. But damned if this shit doesn’t look good. And it’s been so long since I saw the original that this fresh coat of paint looks like new stuff to me. Even though EVA is almost 16 years old now. Stupid teenager. Won’t move out of the damn house.

Katsucon Recovery

I had a bloody great time at Katsucon 17. But I’m completely wiped out. It’s fortunate that today is a federal holiday here in America and that I have the day off to recover. Otherwise, my Monday would stink worse than rotted shit stuck in the ass crack of a decomposing one legged elephant. I would continue the description in an attempt to gross out everyone who reads this post which is probably a good sign to just stop writing and take a damn break. So I’m taking the day to recover my senses. Posting random shit will continue as usual tomorrow.

Apeture Laboratories Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts

To celebrate Valentine’s Day week (okay, so only really insanely sappy mother fuckers spend an entire week to celebrate this shit), I thought this would be a perfect video for Short Film Friday. Watch out for them diamonds, ladies, they’re heavy as shit!

Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman

AZM Ally Kensei Dave sends word that Adrianne Palicki will play Wonder Woman in the upcoming television series. Palicki previously starred in “Friday Night Lights,” “Lone Star,” the horror film Legion, and will play a role in the upcoming remake of Red Dawn. This means nothing to me since I haven’t seen any of that shit. But in this poster for Legion, she’s pregnant and carrying an automatic rifle with a grenade launcher:

That’s kinda fucking awesome right there. Honestly, I’m just glad that a woman superhero is getting some proper air time. I still think she should have her own goddamn blockbuster film in the summer, but if the Wonder Woman series ends up running a whole mess of seasons, that’s almost better.

I kinda wonder what direction they’re going to go for the costume. Will they go classic Wondy with the spangled underwear or will they go with the jeans and jacket? I’m guessing something in between but leaning more to the jacket and jeans look. We’ll see. I think Palicki will do fine.

Source: Nerd Bastards

Does This Look “Amazing” To You?

I know I’m playing a little bit of catch up here, but Sony released this official image of the new Spider-Man costume along with the official title of the new flick, The Amazing Spider-Man. While I think this image looks worlds better than all those crotch thrusting set photos, this is a terrible pose to show off the new suit. Because he’s all scrunched over in a ball, it’s difficult to see the design aesthetic. All the lines and ribbing look like they’re just thrown on in random patterns that don’t read well in this pose. It’s a great action pose, but a horrible show piece.

I love the web shooters and I still hate the silver toes which are conveniently hidden in shadow in this photo. The glove design looks random to me as well as the pattern on his feet. Seems like the webbing theme is broken unnecessarily by those long stripes. I just can’t tell what’s going on here. I would have preferred a photo where I could get a decent look at the new design instead of this hunched over action still.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just looking for things to complain about. Does this look “amazing” to you?

Source: Marvel

Let’s Go, Let’s Go-Kaijah!!!

The first episode of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger debuted this week and I freaking loved it! It’s been a while since I got excited about a sentai team. The last one, actually, the only one I sat all the way through was Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. And if this first episode is any indication, it looks like I’ll be hopping aboard the Gokaiger galleon.

Let me count the awesomeness in the first episode:

  1. The episode opens up with the great Sentai war with all the past teams fighting to save the Earth from invaders. All the previous sentai teams are there!
  2. Gokai Red is named Captain Marvelous.
  3. The Gokaiger suits have popped collars.
  4. The Gokaigers kick the shit out of the bad guys because they prevented the Gokaigers from eating curry.
  5. In the final battle, the Gokaigers transform into Go Ranger, the very first Sentai!
  6. Gokaigers are powered by action figures with keys in their butts. Butts always win!

Usually, I try to give a new Tokusatsu show the Mike Dent Five Episode test. I didn’t last even one episode with Goseiger. And despite being 21 episodes in, I haven’t really made up my mind about Kamen Rider HobOOO. But Gokaiger has already won me over!

Source: Grown Ups in Spandex via Henshin Justice

The Most Electrifying Man in All Entertainment is BACK!

After seven long years, The People’s Champ, The Most Electrifying Man in All Entertainment, THE MOTHER FUCKING ROCK is back!

Goddamn, he’s still got it. I kinda feel bad for Cena. After all this time building him up and turning him into one of the top wrestlers in the WWE stable, all it takes is for the Rock to step into the ring to turn Cena into a little bitch. He’s that damn good.


Please don’t ever leave again!

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