Epyon Gets an MG Makeover

Angry Zen Minion David Caceres sent along these scans that were posted on 4Chan /toy/ board that appear to be legit scans from Hobby Japan. They look real enough to me which means Bandai is giving the OZ-13MS Epyon Gundam a proper MG release.

I remember back when Bandai was trying to get American anime fans into gunpla right around the time Gundam Wing was being broadcast on Cartoon Network. You could actually buy gunpla in Toys R Us. I picked up the High Grade 1/100 scale Epyon because it was my favorite Wing suit and was terribly disappointed. Something at that scale should have had more detail. I’ve always felt Epyon deserved a better release.

I can’t wait to see some better scans and actual demo kits. There’s a lot of awesome detail in the Epyon that I bet Bandai’s model creators will have a field day with. That freaking whip shield definitely needs some MG sauce.