George Takei Joins the Fight Against Steve

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Reader Laurie Lachapelle pointed me to this tweet by George Takei decrying the casting of the live action Steve movie. You know, that movie that Hollywood is trying to convince us is an adaption of Akira. Takei sent out a link to the Racebending petition and did an interview with The Advocate to expand on his thoughts about the white washing of the film and the plight of Asian American actors in general.

He then sent out a follow-up tweet encouraging supporters to re-tweet at WB to do the right thing.

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Now we saw a huge number of fans call out the live action Airbender flick for its white washed cast. Our concerns fell on deaf ears. The film bombed and was universally panned by critics.

With the dismal performance of Airbender in mind, perhaps WB will actually listen when fans call for a change in casting. Although honestly, if the leaked script for the film is the real deal, I’m not sure I want Asian Americans involved. It really sounds terrible.