Matt Mullins is Johnny Cage

“I haven’t worked since Power Rangers went off the air.”

Episode 3 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy is strangely meta. It kind of feels like the Jason David Frank story. Jason David Frank is better known as the Green Power Ranger. Okay, so he was also a White Ranger, a Red Ranger, another Red Ranger, a Black Ranger. But whatever. The point is, we’ve never seen him in anything but a Ranger costume until he went all MMA on us. Which is kind of the arc they’re telling here with Johnny Cage. In this Legacy version, Johnny Cage was a Power Ranger but finds that he can’t get work as anything else. Now I’m not entirely certain that Jason David Frank couldn’t get any other work, but the parallels here are amazing. Johnny Cage enters the Mortal Kombat tournament because he has nothing left to lose. Jason David Frank enters the MMA ring to prove he’s not just a kid show actor. Dude, this shit writes itself!

There’s another weird level here. Matt Mullins, who plays Johnny Cage, starred as Len, also known as Kamen Rider Wing Knight in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight which was the American version of Kamen Rider Ryuki. So though Mullins never played a Power Ranger, he did play a Kamen Rider which is closely associated with the Super Sentai series. AH! The levels of geekery are amazing!

The only disappointing thing about this episode is the censorship. Come the fuck on, it’s the internet! And we’re talking about a game where you regularly pull body parts off your opponent. The word “fuck” is practically baby talk compared to the fatalities.