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Month / April 2011

George Takei Joins the Fight Against Steve

[blackbirdpie url=”!/GeorgeTakei/status/58948987692138496″] Reader Laurie Lachapelle pointed me to this tweet by George Takei decrying the casting of the live action Steve movie. You know, that movie that Hollywood is trying to convince us is an adaption of Akira. Takei sent out a link to the Racebending petition and did an interview with The Advocate to […]

Beware of this Gundam’s Heart of Gold

I’ve never really been impressed with the gold finish on Gundam kits. Something about those gold finished parts always looks fake to me. But this gold plated Master Grade RX-78 looks absolutely gorgeous. It seriously looks like it was cast from gold ingots! Apparently, this is a special limited edition kit that could only be […]

Grandmaster Chu’s Yung Monk Mix Tape

This is a cross post from Yellow Peril. Yung Monk: The Mixtape by grand master chu Grandmaster Chu is back with a new mix tape, Yunk Monk, featuring tracks recorded from 2006-2010 in Beijing, China; Yale University, Connecticut; and Newark, Delaware. What I like about Grandmaster’s stuff is that it’s conscious rap. Not a whole […]

Ultimate Spidey’s New Look

I have never really followed Ultimate Spider-Man so I have no idea what is going on. The current story line is called “Death of Spider-Man” which is always great for headlines and sales, but ultimately never really sticks. I remember when Joe Q came in as Editor in Chief saying proclaiming that at Marvel, “Dead […]

Surprisingly Good Star Trek Fan Fic Film is Actually PORN?!

So I watched this whole thing having no idea what the context was and I thought it was an amazingly good fan film. The plot was something that easily fits in the world of TNG. The actors look remarkably like the actual actors, except for Tasha. And the production values are pretty damn pro. So […]

The Origin of Those Damn, Dirty Apes

I couldn’t stop laughing at this trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It sure looks pretty as you’d expect from Weta Digital, but the plot is just silly, silly, rehash, silly, silliness. How can you take any of that shit seriously! I can’t even get mad that this is a reboot of […]

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