Can Wonder Woman Catch a Damn Break?

Image Credit: Richard Beetham/Splash News

According to this news that AZM Ally David Reimer sent along, after some fairly poor test screenings, NBC had decided not to pick up the new Wonder Woman series.


I know that the net was all abuzz about the new costume, but I honestly don’t think that had anything to do with NBC passing. What little we heard of the updated plot sounded absolutely terrible. What’s the fucking deal, Warner Bros? You can churn out Bat flicks til the cows come home. Green Lantern gets a new coat of paint. Superman is up for another fucking rebake, although that one could probably use some more time in the oven. And you’ve yet to give us an updated Wonder Woman?!

I’m really disappointed in the treatment of women super heroes in general. Of the big two, DC has much more of a slate to choose from when it comes to women super heroes that have their own titles. Marvel has ladies in a lot of their line ups, but very few headline their own books. So if we’re going to get a movie or television series featuring a female super hero, it’s more likely to come from DC. And they keep fucking it up!

So what’s the fucking deal? How hard is it to make a film starring a lady kicking the shit out of bad guys wearing a ridiculous Halloween costume? Actually, that sounds kinda dumb. But with all these comic book flicks coming out this summer, next summer, and foreseeable summers into the damn future, there’s gotta be room for a goddamn Wonder Woman film. Fucking pay Gail Simone to write the shit, recast Adrianne Palicki for the movie role, get a decent director, and MAKE THE GODDAMN FILM ALREADY!

Source: Entertainment Weekly