Behind The Scenes With Priest

Photo by: David Strick

Vampires used to be vicious, hateful twats that wanted to eat all your tasty blood-filled people parts. Priest remembers those days and wants to remind us all with some hateful, vampire twatty action. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it looks like a lot of silly fun. Anyway, photographer David Strick sent along some new photos that he took on the set of Priest. Lots of good stuff. Karl Urban has some weird freaky eye thing going on. And of course, the lady Maggie Q is looking ready for some ass kicking. I like that she’s in an outfit that one would actually wear to kick some ass rather than some cheeky patent leather cat suit.

Priest is in theaters now. If any of you have seen it, let us know if it’s as silly fun as it looks. Thanks David!

Source: Hollywood Reporter