Mortal Kombat Legacy, Even More Hot Ninja Action!

Part II of the Scoprion, Sub Zero origin is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. This is my favorite episode of the series by far. I love that we get to hear Scorpion’s “GET OVER HERE” in Japanese. And I love the kunai rope dart.

So here’s a little bit of bad news. According to AZM Ally Charm City Shinobi, there is only one episode left. This means no tournament which really kind of sucks. Director Kevin Tancharoen has expressed interest in a second season which will most likely kick off the tournament. Warner Bros just has to green light season two. From everything that I can tell, though it’s had a few weak spots, Mortal Kombat Legacy has been well received, much more so than that fucking awful Chun Li movie or most other fighting game movie projects to date.

Although it would be awesome to see in the theaters, I kind of want to see the tournament as a series. That way we get more time with each bout and avoid one of those montage scenes where a bunch of early bouts are cut up to some shitty music. And then, they can release all this footage in a big ass DVD box set with the game!!!

I think we’ve yet to see Liu Kang. I would have thought he would warrant a two episode origin, but maybe his episode leads directly to the tournament. Or we might be getting something completely different. Looking forward to how it all wraps up next week!