No Mortal Kombat Legacy Finale Until Comic Con

I was kind of looking forward to seeing how Mortal Kombat Legacy was going to end this week. Sadly, I’m not going to find out until July 21-24 when the final will premier at Comic Con. I’m a big disappointed. I mean, I know supporting this show doesn’t amount to much more than watching it online and sending links to everyone, but I still feel left out. Ah well.

What’s pretty interesting is that this finale will feature Cyrax and Sektor and not anything to do with Liu Kang. He’s been our lead hero throughout the series. Maybe he’s being saved for a second season if it ever comes to pass. Always felt that the cyborgs were just after thoughts in the series, but the cool thing about them being featured is we get to see some armor action. That should be really fun. And I imagine attendees to Comic Con this year will get to see the real things walking the convention floor. Lucky bastards.

Source: Mortal Kombat Online