Bloodtraffick Premiers At Gen Con

For longtime readers of AZM, the name Jennifer Thym may be familiar to you. She directed the webseries LUMINA. She and her LUMINA crew are back with an action short, Bloodtraffick, which will premier at this year’s Gencon.

A war between vampires and angels ravages our world. Grace Huang stars as a human vigilante looking for her sister who has been lured into a vampire’s den. I’m overjoyed that more and more directors remember that vampires are blood thirsty evil fucks and not sparkly pretty boys.

The facebook page has more information about the short including a whole mess of set photos of Grace looking quite badass. I kinda want to see more of that back piece.

I expect we’ll be seeing more of Grace in the future. She’s set to star along with Russell Crowe, the RZA, and Daniel Wu in an action flick, The Man With the Iron Fists.

Bloodtraffick premiers on August 5, 2011 at 10pm as part of Gen Con’s Indy Film Fest.

Source: Facebook