Mortal Kombat Legacy Finale Cuts Deep

AZM Ally Charm City Shinobi reminded me that the final episode of MK Legacy went up during Comic Con and here it is! We witness the transformation of Cyrax & Sektor from human assassins to cybernetic killing machines. I freaking loved this installment. I am slightly disappointed that the final fight scene is CG, but you can tell that they used some pretty good motion capture. I’m just a sucker for practical suits, but it’s a great fight scene.

Overall, I think MK Legacy was a success. Some of the episodes could have used more fighting, some were kinda dull. But I like that they got all of the origins out of the way in this manner because it leaves room for a feature film to concentrate on a solid story rather than mucking about with origins. I imagine a feature film would focus on Liu Kang. There’s also the possibility that they’ll continue Legacy as a web series. I’m up for either. I’d gladly pay full theater prices to see this group put out a feature film. And I’d definitely support a season 2 of a web series.