What’s Short and Blue and Destroys My Faith in Movies?

According to Box Office Mojo, The Smurfs tied with Cowboys & Aliens this past weekend for the number one slot. Both movies raked in $36.2 million. On the one hand, it’s pretty awesome that a movie with such a silly title as Cowboys & Aliens can kick out Harry Potter and Captain America for a top slot. It’s a new franchise without a lot of name recognition and although it has some pretty big star power, it’s something new that Hollywood took a chance on. Yeah, I know it’s a comic, but I never heard of it until the movie. So I consider it something new and awesome. More new things need to be made.

On the other hand, the fact that The Smurfs also kicked out Harry Potter and Captain American from the top slots is a clear indication that Hollywood’s recycling program brings home the bacon. Both of this weekend’s number one films probably had significant effect budgets. But I suspect that Cowboys & Aliens was more expensive to make. This means that for less money, Hollywood succeeded with a recycled property that only people in their thirties and above remember watching as kids. Which, to a big Hollywood exec who only gives a shit about the bottom line, may signal that they are heading in the right direction with these remakes, rebirths, remixes, redo, re everything.

For the rest of us means that the summers are going to be full of stuff we’ve seen before for longer than I’d expected. I mean, I was kinda hoping that the remix thing would die down after a few years but it seems to be going stronger than ever.