Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 2, “Bring It On Space!”

It seems like Fourze will have two episode arcs much like OOO and Double. This week, we learn all about the Zodiarts, the belt, and Kengo. Spoilers!

Episode 2 of Fourze picks up where episode 1 left off. Gen-chan thinks he defeated the Orion Zodiarts. But like an asshat, Kengo tells Gen that every Zodiart has a human host using a Zodiart Switch and the only way to truly defeat a Zodiart is to turn off the Switch. Kengo leaves in a huff. Gen stares longingly after him declaring, “I’ll show him.”

Gen-chan spends a few scenes going around to the various school cliques asking if they know anything about the monster-kun. He eventually ends up in the moon base to look for leads when Yuki finds him. She starts taking off her clothes which is always a good sign for a high school boy. They end up in some space suits and walk around on the moon while Yuki blabs about why Kengo is such a pirck. Turns out that Kengo’s dad was part of a research team that developed the Switch technology but was betrayed by the dick head with read eyes we saw in episode 1. Kengo’s dad died in the lab explosion that left a giant crater in the moon. Gen-chan understands why Kengo is such a prick and wants to make up/out.

We cut to a scene of Kengo riding the Machine Massigler, Fourze’s bike. He’s having trouble because he’s got some kind of physical condition that makes him sweat like a pig ass and act like a big shit face. I figure it’s got something to do with the space power and his father and the switches and all that, but they’ve got forty or fifty episodes to reveal that. Gen-chan admits that he’s not as smart as Kengo which gets Kengo all hot and bothered and right when they’re about to mankiss in the screen cap that I’ve posted, Gen-chan gets a phone call from Spooky-kun who tells Gen that she knows who the monster-kun is.

Spooky-kun doesn’t get name checked in the episode, but her name is Tomoko Nozama and she’s our local goth girl. She tells Gen that she’s been stalking Miura-kunchansomething who’s part of the football team but is so weak sauce, that he spends most of the time cleaning the lockers and carrying Shun and Queen’s bags. Miura loves football but never gets a chance to play because Shun-senpai never lets him play. So, of course, the solution is the squish Shun with the switchu powah!

Gen confronts Miura and yells at him that if he loves football so much, show up Shun with his own powah, not some freaky switchu. If it wasn’t clear before, it should be perfectly clear in this scene that Gen is really a young Kamina. All he needs is the tats and the glasses and Fourze becomse Gurren Lagaan, High School days. Of course, Miura doesn’t listen, flips the switch, and turns into the Orion Zodiarts.

Kengo shows up and realizing the powah of the bromance, gives Gen the Fourze Driver and henshin awesomeness begins. Gen says that he needs the powah of Kengo’s bromance to help him beat the Zodiarts so Kengo sits on the floor, opens up his briefcase, powers up his robot cheeburger (WHAT?!), and strategizes while Gen as Fourze opens a keg of the whup ass.

Gen uses the Machine Massigler to grind on the Orion Zodiarts and launch into space. It’s great to see Kamen Riders on bikes. He defeats Orion and falls back to earth where he uses the parachute switch to slow his fall. How his arm isn’t ripped out of the socket must be a miracle of the Fourze suit. Gen meets back up with Yuki, Kengo, and Tomoko who name checks Kamen Rider. She tells the group that over the years, Kamen Riders have protected the Earth from evil. Tomoko shows some video clips on her laptop and we see Ichigo, Super 1, Black, Kuuga, and Fuuto tower. Besides Decade, I think this is the first Heisei Rider series to acknowledge previous Riders outside of movie continuity. We saw Kengo walking with a switch in the ending montage of OOO so perhaps Fourze will blast off into the past and encounter historical Riders. Before the show premiered, there were rumors that Fourze would be able to harness the power of previous Riders so who knows.


I already love the dumb show so there’s not point in my bothering with the five episode rule. I still hate Kengo quite a lot, but I think it’s good that they set him up as an uneasy ally with Gen straight away. I don’t think I could handle more than a few episodes of him whining about how Gen can’t handle Fourze when it’s clear that Kengo is the one who can’t handle anything physical.

Spooky-kun Tomoko is a nice addition to the team as the obligatory Kamen Rider researcher.

I like the Zodiart designs and the nameless characters who’ve been stalking around in slow motion and not saying anything kind of intrigue me.

And of course, there’s Rider Drill Kick which is still just as badass as it was when we first saw it. Looking forward to the next one where maybe Kengo isn’t a shit ass.