Kamen Rider Fourze, Episode 3, “Election of the Queen”

This week, we start off a new two episode arc focusing on Miu, the Queen bee of the school. I like to call this one the fanservice episode! Spoilers!

We got to see Miu and her two minions lounging around in their bikinis and dancing around like idols. I guess this is supposed to be titillating, but the actor who plays Miu is only 18 which to me is just waaaaaay too young for me to see her in that way. Grown ass men shouldn’t drool over high school chicks.

We finally get the name of the spikey haired guy who laughs all the time. He reminds me of Ryutaros. It also seems like he’s the school gossip so I expect he’ll be a quick addition to the Kamen Rider club.

We also finally get to see one of those cloaked figures in full. The Scorpius Zodiart is fucking badass. I love his design and his fighting skills are insane. I’m guessing that the lead Zodiarts will be based on Zodiac signs.

Of course Gen figures out a way to use the Hopper Switch effectively. It’s Hopper!

Miu, Whatever
I suspect that part two of this arc will show us the softer side of Miu, but at this point, it’s pretty difficult to give a shit about her. Sure, it’s never nice to see someone being attacked by a Zodiart. But Miu really hasn’t done anything to earn my sympathy.

I think the person controlling the Chameleon Zodiart is controlled by one of Miu’s minions. I’m guessing the one who stopped eating the chocolates.

Next week, more Miu and Chameleon. I’m hoping we’ll also get to see more of those master Zodiarts.