Kamen Rider Fourze, Episode 4, “The Transformation in Secret”

Not only is she a stuck-up snob, but Miu is also a champion bowler? Part two of the Miu arc concludes this week with almost no fanservice. Spoiler time!

Bowling For Miu
I don’t know why, but I like the idea of Miu going to the bowling alley to blow off some steam. I hope the bowling alley becomes a regular spot for the gang to hang out. I once had an idea for a Kamen Rider themed bowling game that I think would be fucking hysterical.

It’s Hard Work
When Gen realizes that Queen works hard on being a total bitch, he instantly understands where she’s coming from and gives her a proper Kamina speech to inspire her to return to the Queen competition. I’m telling you, this is Gurren Lagann, the High School Years.

“Last One”
Just like the Orion Zodiart, the Chameleon Switch has a limited number of uses. Unlike the Orion Zodiart, it was perfectly fine to blow up Chameleon without shooting into orbit. I’m thinking Zodiarts based on Zodiac signs will be more tough than non-Zodiac ones.

We learned that the Scorpion Zodiart is handing out switches which is probably why it defended Chameleon. Still looking to learn more about them.

Welcome to the Club
Miu is the newest member of the Kamen Rider Club and possibly the newest President. Overall, I think she was much less insufferable in this episode. I think it’d be too big of a turn for her to lose all her bitchiness. But I really hope she dumps the quarterback guy. He’s pretty fucking useless.

Next week looks like a JK arc which could actually be quite annoying. But whatever, this is Kamen Rider Fourze!