Kamen Rider Fourze, Episode 5, “Two Sides to Friendship”

The Kamen Rider power creep is starting way early as we get introduced to three new switches this time around. Also unicorns. It’s spacey spoiler time!

Queen Miu
Miu is growing on me. She sort of ignores Shun when he tries to make up with her. She’s more interested in hanging out in the Rabbit Hatch with the Kamen Rider Club and, of course, being president. Though Yuki protests Miu taking over as President, she still follows orders when Miu tells her to give the two new switches to Gen.

It’s pretty interesting to see the popular girl hanging with neeeeerds. She does make some allusion to the fact that she may not be Queen when Shun firsts walks up to her. I’m guessing by the end of the series she will have dropped cheerleading and gone full on geek squad.

It’s Electric
I like the idea that Rider weapons can sometimes be too much for the Rider. In OOO, the combos knock the shit out of Eiji. The Electro switch does the same to Gen. It’s kind of strange to get such a powerful weapon so early on in a Kamen Rider show. Also, it looks like we’ll get our first full on suit upgrade judging by the previews for the next episode.

We also get introduced to the Chain Gang and some kinda boom box switch that I don’t remember the name of. The boom box one was terribly lame. The Chain Gang one would have been pretty good against the Unicorn had he not ripped his face off and turned his horn into a sword! Face Sword FTW!

You’re the Unicorn
I know it’s probably a fantastic coincidence that last week’s Glee episode was all about Unicorns and this episode of Fourze also features a horned horse. Fourze totally wears its Glee influence on its sleeve.

The Unicorn Zodiart is pretty badass. You can’t get much more hardcore than ripping your own face off and using it as a sword. That’s fucking rad. Makes me a little sad to know that he’s going to bite the big one in the next episode, but if this is the kind of crazy shit the creature designers have in store for us this year, yes please!

JK has a stupid face and a stupid name and Gen was totally right not to trust him. Unfortunately, Gen was distracted by creepy girl with gigantic eyes so he fell into JK’s trap. I really want to punch JK in the dick. I know he’s destined to join the Kamen Rider Club, but he’s fucking annoying, more so than Miu was in total bitch mode. Fuck JK.

Next week, Fourze goes yellow which is kind of cool, but a little too early for my tastes. Though I’m sure the Master Zodiarts will still beat his ass.