Skynet Develops its Own Language

AZM Ally Henry Marx sends word that Skynet is developing its own language. Australian researchers at the University of Queensland are teaching robots to communicate with each other using spoken words. These Lingodroids use combinations of syllables to describe things around them. When one Lingodroid encounters something new, it comes up with a word to represent that thing. Then it teaches the other Lingodroid the word for that thing. This also works for concepts like distance or actions or any number of things much like any other language.

It would be interesting to see what robots describe with their language. Even among us meat bags, there are some words that are unique to each language. What kind of unique words will robots come up with that we won’t have a linguistic interpretation for? I suspect one of them will be a word to describe the eventual downfall of humanity and the rise of machines. And we’d never even know it.