Where Heroes Shop

For organizations like the Future Foundation or individuals like Bruce Wayne who have access to vast quantities of material wealth, it’s only a matter of imagination and check writing to get the latest and greatest crime fighting gear. But where does the budget minded crime fighter get those wonderful toys? AZM Ally Henry Marx spotted the Brooklyn Superhero Supply company which serves the needs of the everyday super hero.

Like any proper super hero, the Superhero Supply store has a secret identity. By day, it is the non profit writing lab, 836NYC, which provides workshops and tutoring to aspiring writers ages 6-18. By night, it is a one-stop shop for all your heroing needs. You can buy powers, secret identities, guide books, costumes, the usual hero stuff. And just to be sure you’re not planning any shenanigans, you must recite the Vow of Heroism with every purchase. Best memorize it now for faster check out:

I [YOUR FULL NAME], also known as [YOUR SUPERHERO NAME], promise always to use my super powers for good.

I promise that I will use the items I’ve purchased here safely and in the name of justice.

I promise to remain ever vigilant, ever true.

The only thing I dispute about the vow is the safely bit. Superheroing isn’t safe by any stretch of the imagination. And if you intend on superheroing with items purchased at the supply store, you’re certainly not going to be using them safely.

So the next time you need to buy some extra powers, head on down to the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company.

From: Untapped Cities