Remember Recall

AZM Ally Jeff Posey sent along this trailer for the new Total Recall movie staring Colin Farell, Jessica Biel, and Kate Beckinsale. It looks flashy, it looks fast paced, it looks much more slick than the original. And this is why I have absolutely no interest in seeing this thing.

The original film has this unpolished grit to it that makes it feel almost too real. It has a raw edge to it that keeps you questioning throughout the film. It’s so dirty and broken that you completely believe it’s real. Part of it is the practical effects, part of it is Arnold’s total commitment to being utterly confused. It’s messy, it’s weird, it’s completely flawed, and it totally works because you can relate to it on a visceral level. You can totally believe that the future will be just as greasy and dirty as today.

When you polish all that grit up with fancy CG, green screen sets, quick camera cuts, extremely beautiful people, it loses the rawness. We can’t relate to a polished iCity. There’s nothing real about it. It’s all computer generated. I mean, yeah, it’s damn pretty and I love the visuals, but it’s all utterly fake so we can never truly relate to Colin questioning his reality.

I guess I kind of expected that someone would remake this at some point. But it’s just too shiny for me.