Sony’s Egg-Shaped HARO!

I once believed that I would have to wait until I was about dead until science came up with a proper HARO robot companion to keep me company in my waning years. Nope. Sony made this shit in 2008! Now granted, it’s not a full on HARO that floats around and asks you if you’re “genki,” but I’m sure if you filled a Rolly with enough sound clips of HARO from his various animated incarnations, it’d be just as good.

Here’s a bunch of Rollys dancing to “Thriller.”

They are a bit pricey. I found one on Amazon for about $230. For that price, I kinda would want a real HARO-shaped HARO. I kind of feel that Sony or Bandai or both missed the boat here. Clearly, Sony can make a Rolly that’s shaped like HARO. I have no idea how well the Rolly did back in 2008, but if it was a HARO Rolly, that shit would fly off the shelves! Hell, I may get one anyway and just paint it green.

Rolly’s existence in the world gives me great hope that a real life HARO isn’t too far off. Everyone needs a little green robot ball to gleefully shout encouraging words now and then.