Why Superman Doesn’t Work in a Fighting Game

Here’s a trailer for something called Injustice: Gods Among Us, a fighting game which pits DC heroes against each other. The trailer initially made me think that this is sort of an alternate universe where the JLA goes rogue and it’s up to you to defeat them, but no, it turns out to be a fighting game. It looks pretty and if this is actual in-game footage, it looks like it’s going to be a fun fighter. But Superman breaks it all.

As a fighter, Superman is completely overpowered. He’s impervious, he can fly, he has built-in range weapons. His skill set completely overpowers everyone else in the DC universe. You have to come up with cheats for the other heroes to even lay a finger on him. Oh, in this stage the Sun is out so he’s slightly weak. Oh, Batman has Kryptonite knuckles so his punches can break Superman. Oh, Flash has super armor that can actually damage Superman. It’s all bullshit. The other heroes have power sets that work well against each other without any cheats. I could see Superman as a final boss sort of like Seth in Street Fight IV. But as a playable character, he’s fucking broken. If you play as Superman, you’d want to be Superman which means you win. Always. Fuck, even in this trailer, he punches Flash into outerspace. That’s a dead Wally right there unless his plot armor lets him breath with no air and pressurizes his body so it doesn’t explode. He’s a speedster and shouldn’t be wearing armor anyway. GAH!!!! Bull. Shit.

Oh, and I hate Harley’s new design. Why the hell can’t they just stick with the Dini design. Her original costume is fucking perfect!