I don’t have any real numbers, but I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see digital comic sales outpace dead tree comic sales within the next year or two. Most of those will be regular dead tree comics reformatted for tablets and the like. It’s not hard to envision artists abandoning print formats all together to concentrate on developing works specifically for those devices. Marvel is already playing around with their Infinite Comics initiative. a href=””>Deep Comix seems to take things a step further.

In addition to the nifty 3D effect demonstrated in the video, Deep Comics also allows readers to hide word balloons, read comics in multiple languages, use those dorky red/blue glasses for even more 3Ds, and transition from image to image using what they call “cinematic camera move” transitions. I’m thinking lots of cinematic star wipes.

I guess the gimmicks are cool and all, but the real interesting thing to me is that they’re ignoring both the print and web markets and throwing all their eggs into the tablet comics space. Will the traditional comic reading market give two shits about fancy 3D transitions? Will something like this attract an entirely new market that print comics haven’t reached?

From: Deep Comix