Kamen Rider Wizard?

It’s about that time of year again for preview picks and speculation about the next Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider Wizard is the rumored successor to Fourze and we’ve got this pretty clear photo from the Henshin Justice forums. Thank Ishinomori there’s no stupid wizard hat. Also no wand. Thank you!

There’s another photo that gives us a clear shot of his belt which has a big hand print on it. Makes me want to run up to him and high five his belt. It’s kind of interesting that it’s a five on his belt. Kind of follows the pattern, Double’s two, OOO’s three, Fourze’s four, and now Wizard’s five theme.

It’s always a bad idea to judge a suit before we see it in action so I’ll hold my comments until we get to see him move. However, I’d like to see a female rider who isn’t movie exclusive. I hope Wizard at least has a secondary female Rider. There are way too many pretty boys in the franchise.

From: Henshin Justice