“Are you trying to fit into a cat suit?”

Jerry Penacoli is clearly asking for his dick to be punched. Fortunately for him, Anne Hathaway is a classy lady and deftly owns him when he lingers on the “feline fitness regimine” question a little too long.

This is the same ass hat who annoyed the shit out of Scarlet Johansson about her underwear.

More dick punching. I’m surprised Jeremy didn’t kick Jerry in the dick place.

Seriously, how is this guy still employed? You have two women portraying characters that both have a tremendous history behind them and all you care about is how they fit into their costumes?

Okay, if you have to ask about their wardrobe, how about, “Did the costume make you feel more like a comic book hero or did it feel more like Halloween” or something along those lines. We’re interested in their characters, if they researched the comics, if they had any special insights from the directors on their characters. Do they read the comics now that they’ve portrayed the characters? Why waste so much time with questions about wardrobe when it’s pretty fucking obvious you need to work your ass off to squeeze into those costumes? Fuck!

I worry that if Warner Bros ever does a proper Wonder Woman movie, the woman portraying her will get all these questions about her physique and diet and all that other bullshit and absolutely none about her character.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alan.horton.7 Alan Horton

    The dude just looks like a douchebag. He has that meatheaded smirk.

  • nerdycanuck

    Kudos to Anne for owning him so hardcore. “Are you trying to fit into a catsuit?”

  • Leanne

    When he asks Anne “when you found out you were going to be catwoman” she smiles, and it’s so fucking adorable because you can just tell that she’s thinking he’s going to ask like “how did you feel about knowing you were going to play such an iconic role” or something like that and then her smile just, falls when she realises.

    • http://ypcomic.com Jamie Noguchi

      Yeah, it’s so fucking disappointing. I’m glad she didn’t take his shit though.

  • Vic

    Because Jeremy know Scarlett will shred him.

  • timmyharlequin

    I adore how Jeremy was just like “well no, he just asked…” because he just knew how fucking stupid the question was and was trying to defuse the whole situation so that they wouldn’t get grilled by their producers, not 100% the right thing to do but he was trying so hard to make the question as non-offensive as possible. Either way, Scarlett should have snapped that cunts neck