Daleks, Daleks, Everywhere!

Parliament of the Daleks?! Asylum of the Daleks?!! PREDATOR OF THE DALEKS?!?!??!!?!

Holy fuck balls, Doctor Who series 7 is going to start off with a giant Dalekgasm! I can’t help but start speculating. So we hear one of the Daleks say that “the Predator of the Daleks will be deployed.” Could this be a new Predator class Dalek? But then we have the Doctor saying, “I’m not a Predator.” GAH! So many wibbly wobbly things it could mean. The obvious answer is that, of course, the Doctor is the Predator of our favorite plunger buddies. But I rather think there’s something more to it. I never expect the obvious with Doctor Who so I’m expecting a lot of twists this season. Can’t wait!!