Wonder Woman Heads Back to the Amazon

Image Credit: Richard Beetham/Splash News

It seems like Wondy just can’t catch a break. Warner Bros scuttled her big screen debut (they’re probably kicking themselves with Joss’s success on the Avengers flick) and the NBC reboot of the television series died before it even made it to air. Warner Bros and DC are hoping that a third time will be a charm so they’re sending Wonder Woman to the CW for a reboot called Amazon.

The show will focus on Diana’s early years before she became strapped on the red and gold bustier. That’s right, she’s getting the Smallville treatment.


Obama Facepalm

Unfortunately, this may actually work. Smallville kicked it for ten seasons and attracted a diverse audience that traditional Superman comics never reached. Amazon could have the same potential of broadening Wonder Woman’s appeal. I mean, who doesn’t love a teenage, angsty, origin story.

It’s in scripting form now. CW hasn’t ordered a pilot just yet so we don’t know who they’re considering for the role. I think Miracle Laurie would be a good choice. Her role on Dollhouse wasn’t exactly the best, but she pulled off the action scenes pretty well. It would probably best if they cast an unknown, though. Build some young talent.

Meh. Very mixed feelings. On the one hand, I think it’s high time Wonder Woman got something. I would have loved to have seen Joss Whedon’s take on the character, but that’s not going to happen. The NBC thing really sucked. But she deserves some proper screen time. On the other hand, I truly despise everything that’s on the CW. It is not an enjoyable channel to stop on.

More as it develops.

From: Vulture