1/35 Scale Sentinel Gundam is DROOOOOOOL

The MSA-0011 Ex-S Gundam is my very favorite mobile suit. The Ex-S stands for Extraordinary Superior, but I like to think of it as Excessive! I mean, the model kit can’t even stand on its own without a stand. So I always mess my pants when I see cool build photos of an Ex-S like this one:

Nice clean lines, highly detailed paint, sexy LED action. Looks like a great kit. And then I scroll down and see this:


You feel that? That’s all of your blood rushing to your genitals. Holy fuck sticks is this thing HUGE! I mean, the gun is even people-sized:

I had to take my time looking at all the glorious photos posted over at Gunjap because I kept fainting from the blood rush.

So. Fucking. Epic.

I want to fucking marry it! I mean, it’s big enough that a kid could take the bits of armor and wear it for a Halloween costume!

From: Gunjap