New Robo is Ready for His Closeup

Here’s a nice clear view of the new Robocop suit. Like I said, these armors always look different when they’re in motion. And properly filmed. And color graded. And all that. So any opinions I might for based on these photos will probably change once I see it in action.

Now that we get this closer look and see all the paneling and armor and such, the only thing that really bugs me is the all black color scheme. It really makes the red visor pop which is kind of cool. Maybe if some of the panels had a different finish to them it wouldn’t seem so generic. There could be sections that are matte finish contrasted with a high, mirror-finished gloss. Or maybe some piping and carbon fiber, something to break up the blackness.

Still, I like the shapes and forms so I don’t instantly hate it. He looks more like a ninja to me than a cop, but who’s to say what a future cop will really look like. And honestly, seeing some giant all-black cyborg with a glowing red visor walk down the street with a giant gun in hand would scare the fuck out of any criminal.