Iron Man Goes to the Wub Wub Machine

This teaser trailer for Iron Man 3 is way too short to tell us anything of substance. I am kind of disappointed to see Pepper Potts in full on Damsel-in-Distress mode. I kind of want her to armor up in this one and kick major ass. We do finally get to see the new armor in action briefly. As I suspected, I have fewer problems with the design when it’s in motion, although that three-point stance is kind of played out.

Bleeding Cool has compiled a bunch of new photos which include a nice shot of the Iron Patriot. Talk about color schemes that don’t quite work in real life. Again, it probably looks just fine when it’s shooting at shit, but I’m not a fan of the paint job.

Apparently, a proper trailer drops tomorrow. Hopefully with more Iron Man footage and less Wub Wub.