Tony Stark, Crisis of Faith

The full trailer for Iron Man 3 is out today and man, it feels like a punch in the gut. It seems that Tony’s near death experience at the hands of the Chitari has actually made an impact on his otherwise impenetrable playboy facade. It feels like we’re going to see more character development for Tony in this film than the previous three he’s starred in. I’m really excited for that aspect.

The armor is growing on my as I thought it might. Seeing the gauntlet do a reverse Rocket Pawnch onto Tony’s hand is pretty cool. I kind of shuddered watching the Iron gallery explode with all those beautiful suits. I hope those are CG shots and not actual mockups that got blowed up. So many gorgeous panels! Still think the Iron Patriot looks stupid.

I am not looking forward to Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin. I was skeptical when his name came up for the role. Not that I think the character is worth portraying at all. The Mandarin recalls a period in American pop culture when the exotic Orient was feared and reviled. He’s not exactly a good representation of Asians in comics. Soooooo… yeah, don’t care for the Mandarin. However, Ben Kingsley in general would make an amazing villain. He’s an extremely versatile actor who brings real star power to the already impressive Iron Man cast. So I figured, hell, at least he’d be kinda awesome as a villain. Well, I know we only get a voice-over and a quick peak at him in costume, but I have to say that he looks and sounds really stupid. Hobo Santa Claus doesn’t exactly inspire fear or terror, especially not with those cheap Cracker Jack rings he’s sporting. Green Lantern was fucking awful, but at least the ring looked like it could do some damage. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see the actual film, but from this little trailer, I am a bit underwhelmed.

Iron Man 3: Hobo Santa Rises. Yeah, I’ll still see it.