The FORM 1, High Resolution 3D Printer

What was once a pipe dream for 3D artists, desktop 3D printing is now becoming an affordable reality. If you’re looking for a one-off print of your piece, there are a number of websites that will take your file and print it for you. It can get a little pricey, but the resolutions of the prints are pretty good at a lot of these commercial sites. If you plan on printing more than one thing, the best solution would be to print from home. Unfortunately, the affordable desktop printers don’t have the best layer resolution. Your parts will have these rough edges that require a lot of filling and sanding to get what you want.

FORM 1 wants to change that:

The project is already funded so now it’s a question of getting in on what is essentially a preorder.

If you can’t wait there’s always Makerbot which just released their highest resolution printer ever:

I do so desire one of these units. I have many toys that I wish to create.