The Most Intricate and Fantastically Amazing Strawberry Dessert

I could watch this all day, everyday. Chef Seiji Yamaoto of RyuGin in Roppongi Tokyo is the genius behind this strawberry candy. Seeing the intricate, detailed work that goes in to creating such a masterpiece, I don’t think I could ever eat such a thing. I’m imagining a strawberry flavor that embodies to totality of the fruit. It’s absolutely so beautiful.

The restaurant has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to its creations and each one is just as fascinating and wonderful as this strawberry.

  • Lord Awesome

    While technically impressive and nifty, I’m not pleased with the energy that it takes to make this. It’s a bit off putting in some ways. As an art yeah it’s cool, but as something to consume I’m a bit miffed.

  • Cloudster47

    Wow. Very interesting that they go through a taffy-pulling process to get air in to it, then gently melt it down again under a heat lamp, and do it again.

    I’d like to know what that clear sheet they added to the mixer after the three milks/creams are added. I imagine it’s one of those edible whateveritis’s that a lot of Japanese candy is wrapped in.

    I liked the liquid nitrogen cooling, they sometimes make icecream at my wife’s observatory using that technique. After seeing their use of a sous vide cooker, I wonder how many other molecular gastronomy techniques that they use. Guess I’m just going to have to check out their YouTube channel, shucky darns.


  • Msk

    Does anyone know what the music is from that video?