One More Time

Election night was an emotional nail-biter. But it didn’t last nearly as long as I expected. I full anticipated going to sleep and waking up without knowing who was going to lead our country for the next four years. I was watching a surprisingly hologram-free CNN while refreshing twitter, Facebook, the Washington Post like a mad fiend. And then they called it. At around 11pm, the major networks projected that Barak Obama had won re-election! I teared up like the hippie liberal commie freak that I am. And then I stayed up until 1am until I heard Mitt’s concession speech. I honestly wasn’t sure whether or not he’d want to drag this thing out. It’s been a long fight with some pretty hateful words from both sides. Wasn’t really sure how it would all play out after the call.

The Roundup

The biggest news for me was that Maryland and Maine have legalized same-sex marriage by popular vote! Washington and Minnesota are still counting votes on their ballot measures so we don’t know whether or not they’ll join us in the new damn millennium. But for the first time, same-sex marriage was approved by the people through popular vote! And we’ve just chosen to re-elect a President who is now very vocal about his support for same-sex marriage. I don’t think we’ll be hearing much about this in the 2016 election campaign, because by then, I damn well expect same-sex marriage to be legal in all fifty states.

The other thing that really surprised me was Washington and Colorado approving recreational marijuana use. That’s a good sign for the convenient stores and restaurants of those states. And I bet they’re going to be collecting a shit ton of tax money. This one is a little tricky because marijuana is still considered an illegal narcotic Federally. But I think it’s clear that we’re getting tired of the drug war. It might take longer than same-sex marriage, but I can totally a see a pot smoking nation in my lifetime.

Can’t forget some historical women coming to a new Congress. Illinois Representative-elect Tammy Duckworth is the first disabled female veteran to go to the House. Texas Representative-elect Mary Gonzalez is the first openly pansexual to go to the House. And Hawaii Senator-elect Mazie Hirono is the first Asian American woman to join the ranks of the Senate. I long for the day when we don’t mark these moments with qualifiers like “first woman” or “first Asian American” or “first pansexual” and just leave it at their names. But we’re getting there. And these ladies are helping pave the way.

Also, with the defeat of Aiken and Murdouck, America proved that if you say legitimately stupid shit about rape, the electorate has way to shut your shit down. Seriously guys, it’s the new damn millennium. If a woman doesn’t invite you, stay the fuck out of her vagina.

A Return to Civility?

This is wishful thinking on my part, but I hope there will be less Congressional gridlock in the next four years. Midterms are coming up in two years so it’s doubtful the election cycle of madness will ever end. But I do wish Congress would work the fuck together instead of catering to the extremes on both sides of the aisle. I just want them to work more on governing and less on re-elections. They spend more of their time campaigning and fund-raising than in their offices. It’s like their job is to keep applying for their job. That’s fucking crazy.

It’s been a long, horrible, loud campaign. I’m glad it’s finally over. But if this is the new normalcy for how these things will go, 2016 is going to be a goddamn nightmare. Still, I am hopeful about the direction the country is heading. And I think that even if Mitt had won the Presidency, I think Maryland and Maine would still have approved same-sex marriage, recreational pot would still have been legalized in Washington and Colorado, and dumb fucks would still be defeated for saying horrible shit about rape.